Poodle Cupcakes



These little cupcakes aren't just cute. They're doggone delicious and your kids are gonna love helping you decorate them. Now for the cake, all you need are some basic cupcakes and if you don't wanna go all out, you can just buy some. But what you need is a 2-1/2 inch size as many as you want, as well as some mini 1-3/4 inch size. Now, I'm gonna take the papers off of these mini cupcakes just so that you don't have to worry about your kids having to take them off when they go to eat them. And for the frosting, I'm just gonna take some regular white frosting. You use the canned variety or make your own and tint it pink. Now you can buy pink food coloring or you can just use a little tiny bit of red. Now is where the fun part begins. When I go to decorate them, I'm going to need some peanut marshmallows and simply take a scissors and cut them in half lengthwise and those are gonna be your ears. And now I need to cut another peanut marshmallow in half crosswise for the nose. And for this one, you wanna make it a little bit pointed at the end just so that it represents the nose a little bit better. So just take your fingers and pinch it together a little bit and insert it into the cupcake. This kinda stick it onto the frosting. And then for the eyes, you can pipe on some brown frosting or what's really simple is to just take some mini chocolate chips and press them right into the frosting-- right where the eyes would go. And the nose, we're gonna make bright red with a little red hot. But to get that to stick onto the nose, I need a little bit of frosting. So just put a little tiny dab of frosting onto your red hot and press it right onto the very tip of the nose. And your face is starting to come together, but the final touch to get that really fluffy poodle-like feel, we need some miniature pink marshmallows. You want to stick those all over onto your small cupcake and then we get some on top to make sure he's all covered nicely. Now, to assemble this you're just going to set the mini cupcake right on top of your large cupcake and that's his face. And then take those ears-- the peanut marshmallows that we've cut in half and attach it to the small cake for the ears and I like to add a little bit of frosting to the back so that they stick really well. And I'll just lay those against the side. Fill it in with some miniature marshmallows so that he's all covered with his fur. And you can cut the miniature marshmallows in half, too and that makes it kind of look a little tighter, maybe a little bit fluffier- either way works. Look at how totally cute that looks! These pups are a perfect way to say, "Happy Birthday".

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