4 Flexible Family Meals for Vegetarians and Carnivores

Summer Vegetable Lasagna...Just Add Sausage! recipe image
Dinner gets flexible with these dishes that cater to both vegetarians and the carnivores who love them. The trick? Prep one plant-based meal and add meat to half.

Rainbow Couscous Salad

Veggie or Chicken

Main-course salads are ideal for “flexitarian” families. Use leftover or rotisserie chicken for our version. 

Grilled Chimichurri “Steaks”

Veggie or Beef

Slice cauliflower from the center of the head in 1-inch thick “steaks," and grill them alongside sirloins for the meat-lovers.

Cakes Two Ways

Veggie or Crab

Hearts of palm have a similar texture to lump crabmeat for a tasty alternative. 

Summer Vegetable Lasagna

Veggie or Sausage

Making two lasagnas is barely any more work than making one. If you'd like, pop one in the freezer for down the road.

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