Family Dinners: 4 Tips To Make Them Better

Here are 4 tips for a better family dinner.


It's not easy getting everyone to the dinner table at the same time, but more research shows that family meals can help kids do better in school and avoid risky behaviors and prevent obesity and eating disorders. The key according to a recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health is frequency, the more the better. So how can your busy family get into a routine? Here are a few ideas. Don't stress about cooking something fancy. Let the meal be the easy part. Make double batches of turkey chili on the weekend or pick up a rotisserie chicken and make a salad, even breakfast or dinner. Invite your kids to help plan the menu and maybe even shop or help you make the grocery list. Get everyone onboard. Talk to your partner about making dinner time a priority and commit to a schedule even if it's just a couple of times a week to start and put it on your calendars. And finally turn off tech and talk to each other. The whole point of family dinner is to be together. So put away the screens please and check out for some fun conversation starters for your table.

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