Octopus Cupcakes

A sweet, ocean-themed cupcake that's perfect for a child's birthday party for kids.


Just in time for summer, our sweet octopus cupcakes are sure to make a splash at your next party. To make them, you'll need vanilla frosting, a small tube of blue decorator gel, white nonpareils, chocolate frosting, gummy worms, and large gumdrops. Decorating one cupcake at a time, top it with vanilla frosting. Set aside a few tablespoons to be used on the eyes. Add a few dots of blue decorator gel, then use a toothpick to swirl it into the frosting. Press several gummy worms around the edges, letting them hang over the sides and leaving a space in the center for the head. Use plain vanilla and chocolate frosting to add eyes and a mouth to a gumdrop. Then, press it into place on a cupcake. For a finishing touch, sprinkle on some nonpareil bubbles. Served up with some cool lemonade, these adorable cupcakes make an awesome pool party treat.

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