Healthy Breakfast: 3 Quick Meals for Kids

A healthy breakfast is usually sacrificed on an hectic morning. Here are 3 quick and healthy meals for kids.


It's always stressful to make sure everyone eats and gets out the door on time, and now that school is starting, the morning rush is back. But you can still make time to eat well. Here are a few quick meal ideas when time is tight. Packed with protein, nothing beats hard-boiled eggs. Boil a bunch for the week, peel them in advance and keep them fresh in the fridge by storing them with a damp paper towel in an airtight container. For an alternative to plain old toast, try frozen whole grain waffles. Top them with unsalted nut butters or raisins or low-fat cream cheese. Sliced bananas and blueberries taste good, too. And parfaits always seem fancy. You can make these in advance. Layer non-fat yoghurt with berries in disposable cups the night before. Low-sugar granola adds crunch. Wait until the next morning to sprinkle it on though so it doesn't get saggy. And then you can also add sliced almonds or walnuts. Try to prewash fruits in advance for quick serving. Whole fruits like oranges and bananas are also easy to grab on the way out the door for bigger kids and for you, too.

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