Banana Bites for Breakfast

Make breakfast more delicious with Catherine McCord's banana bites.


-Who's one year-old now? You? Who can eat anything now? You? -Uh huh. -Who wants to eat healthy and sweet delicious for breakfast? -Uh huh. -You? What? What? You wanna make banana bites for breakfast? -Uh huh. -That's what she said, banana bites it is. One of the biggest challenges for new parents is coming up with recipes the babies with few teeth can eat, hold themselves and love. These banana bites are so delicious and not only does Chloe love them, I love them too. What's going on over there? Yummy? And the best part is it makes bananas and pancakes batter something really special. So to start, you're gonna take a banana and peel it. I like these spotty bananas 'cause they're extra sweet. And you can use any kind of pancake batter you want. Of course I won't tell to use the box variety but there are tons of pancake batters on Weelicious that would work perfect for this. So you're gonna take your banana and you're just gonna cut it on a bias and when I say bias, I just mean, long strip this way. That way it's easier for babies to hold them 'cause they're even longer and you get bigger bites. And what's gonna happen with these is when they cook, the bananas become really soft and mushy and smooth and delicious and you're gonna take the long pieces of banana like that and you're gonna put them into your batter. Okay. and then I've got a pan over here that's I'm gonna turn on medium heat and you can just kinda dunk. Look at this Chloe. Dunk them. Let's add a little bit of butter. You can have butter or oil to your pan. Just about a teaspoon. Let it heat up and then what you're gonna do is take your banana bites like this and take a fork to let the excess batter drip off and then you'll just gonna layer them in the pan like this. Chloe, what do you think of this? Are you excited about this recipe? -Uh huh. -And you're gonna cook them for about one to two minutes on each side. And that's it. Chloe how easy is this recipe. Just let them drip off like that and when they're finished and they've cooked for about one to two minutes on each side. What's this? What's this? You wanna take one? You want that one? Can I have a bite too? See. Everybody loves them. For more fast, fresh and easy recipes like this and more, check out

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