Perfect for summer travel, but which ones are worth a try? Parents' resident Wine Mom, Megan, rates the top 5.

By Megan Drye Harper
June 18, 2018
Wine Cheers

Canned Wine is having a moment in the spotlight and little league moms everywhere are rejoicing. I kid, I kid, I don't drink at my kids' baseball games. (But, have you been to a little league game lately? Those things are killer and looong.) Anyway, now for the serious stuff.

Let's talk about the benefits of canned wine:

1. Cans are perfect for the park/beach: Lugging a glass bottle in a park is just a disastrous idea. Let's be honest, kids are running wild sometimes shoeless and the last thing you need is to shatter a wine bottle and your kid steps on it. I mean, can you even imagine having that conversation in the ER? Mom of the year **** right there.

2. Cans are Tiny: We're talking fits into your purse tiny. Shove some into your husband's dreaded cargo shorts; if he won't throw them out at least make them useful.

3. Cans are cold: We're talking ice cold, ice cold.

Here are the top 5 canned wines for summer 2018:

Union Wine Co., Underwood Wines

Many moms have heard of the popular Underwood Canned Wine by Union Wine Co. Made in Portland, Oregon, it has a cult following and is conveniently sold at Trader Joe's for just $4.99 a can... what's not to like? With varieties such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Rosé, White and Rosé Bubbles, these styles cover any picky wine drinker's pallet.

Lila Bubbly
Credit: Courtesy of Latitude Beverage

Infinite Monkey Theorem

This urban winery is operated by a mad scientist and operated out of Denver, Colorado. The "perfect portable wine" in 250ml size cans with monkey motifs, these fun cans pack a ton of flavor. My favorite is the Rosé with watermelon, strawberry flavor and slightly effervescent which is perfect for summer weather.

Alloy Wine
Credit: Courtesy of Alloy Wine Works

The Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc De Blancs

Sofia Mini is an unconventional blend of white grapes. A lively white that's light and crisp and perfect for a hot day. Tasting notes of melon, passion fruit, and honeysuckle with refreshing bubbles. Sip, sip, hooray!