6 Easy St. Patrick's Day Desserts

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Tina Rupp
They say everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day – so get your kids in the spirit with these easy dessert ideas.
Lenora Gim
Lenora Gim

One-Minute St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Get your kids in the St. Patrick's Day spirit with these super fast no-bake treats. Just pick up a package of soft-baked sugar cookies and press out shamrocks with a 3-inch cookie cutter. Add a bit of color by pressing green sprinkles onto the cookies, and you're done!

Tina Rupp
Tina Rupp

Four-Leaf St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

You can make these adorable clover-topped treats using your favorite cupcake recipe or mix. Green candy spearmint leaves add St. Patrick's Day flair.

Rita Maas
Rita Maas

Luck O' the Irish Cookies

It's easy to transform simple sugar cookies into an assortment of lucky-charm cutouts. Just follow a basic sugar cookie cutout recipe (below) and top with bold icing and coordinating colored sugars.

Leprechaun Doughnuts

Lure wee visitors this Saint Patrick's Day with O-shaped cereal disguised as tiny doughnuts. Prepare each variety following the steps below and let dry on waxed paper. Add to the fun by placing them in a miniature box.

Chocolate sprinkle: Dip the tops of O-shaped cereal into melted dark or white chocolate (the tines of a fork work well for this) and cover with sprinkles.

Cinnamon sugar: Over medium-high heat, dissolve 1/2 cup sugar in 1/2 cup water. Let it cool. Dip the Os, a few at a time, in the syrup, then toss them in a small bowl of cinnamon sugar.

End-o'-the-Rainbow Cookies

Colorful and sweet, these lucky rainbows make for a delicious St. Patrick's Day treat.

Divide sugar-cookie dough four equal portions. Add food coloring to each one and shape it into a ball. Wrap and refrigerate the dough balls for 1 to 2 hours.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator and make 10 to 12 1-inch balls from each color. Lightly flour your work surface. Flatten a ball of blue dough into a 1/2 inch thick disk. Roll a ball of green dough into a thin rope and wrap it along one side of the flattened blue ball. Repeat with a ball of yellow dough and a ball of red dough. Lay a piece of wax paper on top of the cookie and gently roll it to help the colors adhere.

Repeat the shaping and rolling steps with the remaining dough, then bake them according to your recipe directions -- just be sure not to over bake them.

While the cookies are slightly warm and soft, trim their edges with a butter knife.

Andrew Greto
Andrew Greto

Shamrock Smoothie

This festive St. Patrick's Day treat offers nearly 100 percent of your daily vitamin C. Combine a large banana (peeled, sliced, and frozen), 2 cups honeydew melon chunks, 2 kiwifruits (peeled and cut into chunks), 1 cup frozen vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 cup tightly packed parsley leaves in a blender and puree them until smooth. Serve immediately. Makes 4 cups.

To make this healthy (and festive!) St. Patrick's Day treat, blend up a banana, honeydew melon chunks, kiwifruits, frozen vanilla yogurt, and parsley leaves. It offers nearly 100 percent of your daily vitamin C.

Shamrock Smoothie Recipe

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