Gotta Have It: The Perfect New-Mom Gift -- a Hot Meal

The perfect food delivery after labor and delivery.

Artiko Chicken Marsala

If a genie offered to grant a newbie mom three wishes, you can bet having someone to cook would be right up there with health, happiness, and more sleep. So instead of giving your new mom friend a present for the baby (I mean, how many rattles and onesies does one kid need?), give her what she really wants: food on the table that she didn't have to cook herself. After umpteen hours of labor, we're thinking she deserves it.

Don't worry -- this doesn't mean you'll be doing the cooking. Enter Artiko, a prepared food delivery service. Their chefs whip up delicious eats and then they deliver them right to your door -- a godsend for those days when the grocery store seems as hard to get to as Antarctica. Most of the meals take no more than 15 minutes to heat.

From pot roast to enchiladas, Artiko has tons of options -- even mac and cheese for big brothers and sisters. We loved the Chicken Florentine and the to-die-for apple tart. Spend a little (12 vegetable pot stickers cost less than $10) or splurge on a week's worth of meals. We dig the New Baby Sampler ($124.99) which comes with several meals for Mom and Dad plus appetizers and sweets for those guests who keep popping in.

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