Make Apple Pie Pretzels

Sweet dried fruit and spicy cinnamon give a new twist to this version of the ballpark classic.

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Photograph by Carl Tremblay

This quick recipe has plenty of kid-friendly steps, including mixing the dough, shaping the pretzels, and preparing and brushing on the egg wash. See the next slides for twisting tips.

Active time: 50 Minutes

Total time: 2 Hours, 35 Minutes (includes rising)

Makes: 8 Pretzels

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How to Twist a Pretzel

Photographs By Carl Tremblay

How to Twist a Pretzel

Roll your dough portion into a 20-inch-long rope and form it into a U.

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Photographs By Carl Tremblay

Twist together the loose ends, letting at least 1 inch of each tip hang free.

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Photographs By Carl Tremblay

Pull the twist toward you over the rounded end of the dough, letting the loose tips hang over slightly. Use your fingers to press the tips in place.