Cooking With Kids—Safely!

These ultra-cool, supersafe cooking gadgets will get little ones pouring, blending, and spreading in no time.

Salad Spinner

Why kids love it: By pushing down on the pump, they can make it whir and watch it go very fast.

Ages: 3 and up.

Why grown-ups love it: Kids will beg for salad or spinach just so they can use the spinner.

Try this: Skip the lettuce and make your own spin art: Cut out circles of drawing paper that will fit in the bottom of the spinner. Pour a few drops of food coloring (choose several colors) on the paper. Put top on, and pump. The air will spin colors into a cool design.

We like: Zyliss salad spinner, $24.99, at

Cheese Spreader

Why kids love it: The small, short handle fits well in little hands. Cutting and spreading "by myself" strengthens confidence and independence.

Ages: 3 and up.

Why grown-ups love it: The blade is dull enough to be safe, but it's still effective for cutting bananas, avocados, and other soft foods.

Try this: Give your toddler a peeled banana on a cutting board. Show her how to gently press the knife through the fruit to cut off bite-size pieces.

We like: Wine and cheese spreader, $2.49, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Plastic Measuring Cup

    Why kids love it: "Reading" numbers on the cup is a big accomplishment, and pouring is fun.

    Ages: 5 and up.

    Why grown-ups love it: A great way to teach math concepts including more than, less than, and fractions.

    Try this: Rice or dried beans are good for practice measuring. Can your child call out "Stop!" when you get to 1/4 cup? To 3/4 cup?

    We like: Oxo Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup, $5 for a 1-cup size, from


      Why kids love them: Pouring liquids or solids from one place to another gives them a sense of mastery.

      Ages: 3 and up.

      Why grown-ups love them: They spark curiosity and experimentation--the foundations of early science learning.

      Try this: Set up your child at the kitchen sink with a variety of funnels and some plastic cups and bowls. Add water. Don't be surprised if he's content for an hour.

      We like: All colors and sizes; you can buy funnels for 50 cents to $7 at housewares stores.

        Soft-Handle Spatula

        Why kids love it: The ergonomic design makes batter-gathering easy. He'll feel as if he's really helping.

        Ages: 2 and up.

        Why grown-ups love it: A nonslip handle makes for a comfortable grip--and there's a hole at the end for hanging.

        Try this: Set him up with a tall-sided bowl (less mess!), a spatula, and pancake batter--and let him stir!

        We like: Chef'N Kitchzen Small Spatula, $5.99, from

          Nonstick Baking Mat

          Why kids love it: When they press out a shape with a cookie cutter, the dough transfers cleanly to the cookie sheet.

          Ages: 2 and up.

          Why grown-ups love it: The mat creates a foolproof, nonstick surface to roll out dough.

          Try this: Roll out refrigerated cookie dough, and give your child cookie cutters in a variety of shapes. It's a great way to learn circles, stars, and triangles. Alphabet and number cutters can teach the ABCs and counting.

          We like: Silpat mat, $14.99, from

            Plastic Nesting Bowls

            Why kids love them: They can sort bowls from largest to smallest, nest them, put things in them, turn them over, and hide things under them.

            Ages: One and up.

            Why grown-ups love them: They're dishwasher-safe and easy to store.

            Try this: You and your child can get ingredients ready for homemade tacos: cooked, chopped meat; shredded cheese; shredded lettuce; cubed tomatoes; and sliced olives. Put one ingredient in each bowl and serve with taco shells.

            We like: Zak Designs Just Life Colored Bowl Set, $39.95, available at

              Rubber-Handle Pastry Blender

              Why kids love it: They can "cut" butter together with dry ingredients and watch it combine to make dough. Kids love pounding away.

              Ages: 4 and up.

              Why grown-ups love it: The blade isn't sharp, and the soft, rubber handle makes for an easy grip.

              Try this: Piecrust recipes usually call for flour and shortening to be combined until dough resembles "little peas," a challenge kids over 4 will enjoy mastering.

              We like: Oxo Good Grips Dough Blender, $7, from

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