Cooking with Kids

The key to making the dinner hour more fun? Get your kids involved in the cooking with simple tasks and easy recipes even the littlest chef can master.

22 Ways to Make Cooking With Kids More Fun

Scared they'll get hurt? Scared they'll get flour everywhere? Hate to waste food? Chefs, food bloggers, and nutritionists dish on how they train their kids in the kitchen--and keep it fun for everyone.

Easter Sandwich Idea: There's a Hare in My Lunch

Add some Easter love to the kids' lunch boxes by creating rabbit shapes with a cookie cutter from slices of white and wheat breads. On the side, serve mini versions of bunny's fave food.

Trail Mix Muffins

Our easy recipe lets you bake up a tasty breakfast you can enjoy at home or on the go.

Cool Kitchen Tools for Kids

FamilyFun's picks for the latest and greatest in gear and equipment for kids.

Crazy for Crepes

Turn a weekend breakfast into a berry yummy event with this simple recipe for the classic French pancakes.

Banana Bunny Pops

For a healthier Easter treat, make these Banana Bunny Pops. Kids will love dipping the banana pieces in melted blue chocolate and adding candy eyes and noses.

4 Kid-Friendly Spring Recipes

Say hello to spring with kid-friendly recipes that feature the season's finest picks.

Easy Breakfast Idea: Apple Ring Pancakes

A slice of fruit is hidden inside each of these scrumptious breakfast treats.

PB&J Crispy Treats

Upgrade your go-to rice crispy treats recipe by adding some chunky peanut butter to the mixture, then spreading strawberry jam between two layers.

Make Apple Pie Pretzels

Sweet dried fruit and spicy cinnamon give a new twist to this version of the ballpark classic.

Easy Veggie Dumplings

Wish your child would try carrots and spinach? This quick pot-sticker project may make her less picky.

Blockbuster Cookies

Two movie snack classics--popcorn and Raisinets--get top billing in these showstopping treats

Over the Veggie Rainbow

Entice your kids to eat fresh vegetables with this St. Patrick's Day snack. To make it, fill a small bowl with guacamole and dress it up with a bell pepper rainbow, cauliflower clouds, and carrot gold!

Tiffani Thiessen on Busy Weeknight Dinners, Kids in the Kitchen, and Her Family's Newest Addition

Celeb mom Tiffani Thiessen dishes to on her favorite dinners for busy weeknights, her little kitchen helper, and life as a family of four.

Recipes to Cook With Kids

A collection of step-by-step meals, snacks, treats, and more that you and your child can make together.

California Sushi Rolls

If your kids are craving sushi for dinner, skip the Japanese restaurant and show them how to roll up a batch at home.

Simple Blueberry Muffins

Grab your kid and get in the kitchen! A batch of tasty muffins will help start your day off right.

Teach Your Kid to Cook!

A step-by-step guide for teaching your child how to measure, chop, slice, flip, bake, and more.

Sweet Potato Patties

Mashed sweet potatoes play the starring role in these savory, panfried cakes.

Sesame Herb Crackers

Put the kids in charge of holiday party snacks with this surprisingly simple recipe

6 Kid-Friendly Pancake Upgrades

Let your kids create their own pancake breakfast with these yummy mix-in ideas.

Cooking with Kids: Jam-Filled Scones

Let kids fill these scrumptious baked goodies with the flavor of summer berries.

Cooking with Kids: Green Bean Fries

These crunchy beans coated with Parmesan and panko are as addictively tasty as the french fries that inspired them.

St. Patrick's Day Food: Shamrock Rolls

With this hands-on recipe, lucky little bakers can put a new twist on a dinnertime favorite.

Cooking with Kids: Cheese Ball Party Pops

Flavored with sweet cranberries and toasted pecans, this twist on classic cheese balls is a hit with guests of all ages.

7 Mistakes to Stop Making If You Want Your Kids to Learn to Cook

Are you driving your kids out of the kitchen? Here's how to release your child's inner chef.