Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Watch FamilyFun's Sally Staub make Whole Pizza Crust, as featured in the September 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.


-Our whole wheat crust recipe is rich in fiber and high in protein. It's a great base for any of your toppings. For this recipe, you'll need warm water, bread flour, whole wheat flour, dry active yeast, toasted wheat germ, sugar, salt, a little olive oil. And for the full recipe and list of ingredients, you can go to familyfunmag.com. The first step is to activate the yeast. Pour yeast into our warm water, which is about a 105 degrees approximately. It's important that the water is not too warm or it will kill the yeast or too cool, it won't activate the yeast. Pour our sugar in as well and then we want to mix. And once this is stirred, we're gonna set it aside until it's bubbling and foamy. That should probably take about 5 minutes. Our yeast is now ready, so I'm going to mix in some olive oil. I'll just give that a stir. Once that's stirred, I'm gonna grab a large mixing bowl and transfer the liquid into the mixing bowl. I'm gonna mix in the dry ingredients. Bread flour, whole wheat flour, toasted wheat germ, and some salt. Mix this together just until a soft dough forms. Now, we're ready to turn out the dough. Just lightly flour and then we'll turn the dough out. We've been kneading the dough for about 10 minutes and it looks good. Grab a new bowl, which needs to be lightly oiled with olive oil; and we'll place the dough in and coat it will and then we'll cover with a clean dish towel and put it in a warm spot to rise and it should double in bulk and take about an hour. It's doubled and bulked, and it's ready for use. So, we are going to cut this in half. It's a good idea to reshape the piece into a round ball. I like to work with the peel. It's makes it easier to transfer the pizza across into the oven. We'll flour that a little bit so the crust doesn't stick. Place the ball of dough right in the center and with both hands you wanna just press out in an even fashion, stretching it and pushing it out. Another method. Just pick it up. With your fist underneath, just gently stretch out from the center to the edges. You can bring it back down and continue pushing out. So depending on whether you like a thick crust or a thin crust, you can either stop here for a thicker crust or keep going, nice thin crust.

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