Snow Cone Cupcakes

Watch editor Joy Howard demonstrate how to make this festive, summery cupcake that masquerades as a snow cone.


Our Snow Cone Cupcakes are perfect for a summer birthday or family reunion. Now, to decorate the cupcakes, you'll need to work with each one individually from start to finish. Otherwise, your frosting won't be a tacky enough for the sugar when you do your sprinkling. So first, you'd wanna just frost the cupcake, nice smooth layer on. And next, I'll do my sprinkling of sugar, I'm working over a sheet of parchment paper so that I can funnel it and pour the excess sugar back into the bowl after I'm done with the color. To make the colors even on either side, I'm gonna just use an index card to sort of divide it in half, so sprinkle on the first side and on top of the excess. [unk] back in and then do the same thing to add my second color. Index card in the center. To serve the snow cone cupcakes, we came up with an easy idea for a homemade holder. You'll just need a cake round which you can purchase at any craft store and a strip of cardboard. Then what you wanna do is just cut holes into the cake round, tape your strip of cardboard into a cylinder and if you want to make it fancy, you can put a little bit of decorative paper on top, and then you'll just set the cake around on top of your cylinder. After you got your cupcakes decorated, the finishing touch is just to drop each one into a snow cone cup and place it in your holder.

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