Olive Oil Pizza Crust

Watch FamilyFun's Sally Staub make Olive Oil Pizza Crust, as featured in the September 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.


-Our Olive oil crust recipe produces a great base for any pizza toppings. What you'll need for the simple recipe is bread flour, sugar, dry active yeast, salt, olive oil and warm water. For a full recipe and list of ingredients, you can go to familyfunmag.com. The next step is to activate the yeast and we do that by adding it to warm water which is about 105 degrees. If you don't want it warmer or else it will kill the yeast and any cooler won't activate the yeast. And we also add a little bit of sugar which feeds the yeast. Next step is to mix everything together and then set it aside until it's foaming and bubbly. Now, we're ready to make the dough. You can use a hand mixer or I like to use-- do it by hand and use a large bowl and wooden spoon. So first we'll start by pouring in our yeast mixture into the bowl. And next, add our dry ingredients then add our bread flour and our salt. And with the wooden spoon, we're gonna stir it to make sure they gather just until a soft dough forms. We're not ready to turn our dough out onto our work surface but before we do that, put everything aside and we're going to flour the surface, and the purpose of this is so our dough doesn't stick if we're working. So, add a little flour, not too much, our dough out, and we're gonna kneading the dough. Now, the purpose of kneading the dough is to continue to activate the ingredients and develop the gluten. We've been kneading our dough for five to ten minutes and I think the consistency of the dough is good, it's nice and elastic and smooth and we'll bring a bowl in, a little olive oil. So we'll just drizzle just a tiny bit of olive oil in the boil, [unk] it, and want to cover our ball of dough with some oil. I need a kitchen towel to cover the ball while I do it. Okay, our dough is ready to use. It's doubled and the ball could take in about an hour to get to this point. You can use it right away or you can store it in refrigerator or freeze it. This dough roughly actually makes two 12-inch pizzas. So, I'm going to split this half into our pizza. Set the other size for later use. Now, that you've split your dough in a half, it's a good idea to reshape the dough into a circular ball, helps maintain a nice round shape to your pizza. All is good. And I like to work on a pizza peel, helps transfer the crust of the pizza easily into the oven on to the stone, likely flour this and I like to start by pushing down and using my fingers. Stretch the dough, push out evenly in circular fashion to a nice round shape. Once it's stretched out a little bit, another method of stretching from the further end to the desired shape is to pick it up, put this underneath, stretch, pulling from the center, out. And once you've stretched out and you put it back on your peel, and make it work just a little bit more. Now, depending on if you like it thin or think crust pizza, you can either stop here and you're ready for your toppings or go to familyfunmag.com for some suggestions.

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