Make an Octapple

Watch editor Joy Howard demonstrate how to make this cute, delicious, and healthy snack.


-Whether it's a pool side treat or an afternoon snacktivity our Octapple makes a fun and healthy kid-friendly snack. First you'll need to have an apple, this is a parent's job working with a sharp knife. And just place it in the center of the plate and next I'm going to have 16 grapes. Now once [unk] has all the grapes have, you'll just arrange them around the apple and two little arms for the octopus. And for the face, you're gonna wanna use the peanut butter to attach marshmallow which first you'll have. And the sticky side of the marshmallow should be just enough to attach to the apple itself, you don't really need anything extra for that. And then for my pupils, I'm gonna use some mini chocolate chips and just put a tiny bit of peanut butter by dipping it into the peanut butter first and attaching it to the marshmallow. Second one, kinda just dipping in. Just need a tiny bit. And that's it.

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