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Chicken Chow Mein
Monica Buck
Take a vacation from grilled cheese. Famous chefs show you how to make the midday meals of kids in other countries.
Monica Buck
Monica Buck


Wolfgang Puck
Owner of Spago in Beverly Hills
Kids: Cameron, 19, Byron, 14, Oliver, 4, and Alexander, 2
On Austrian Food: "Many families rely on vegetable gardens for their produce. I ate this soup growing up -- and often make it for my boys."

Monica Buck
Monica Buck


Cat Cora
The only female Iron Chef
Kids: Zoran, 5, Cage, 2, and Thatcher, 3 months
On Greek Food: "Hummus and olive mayo sandwiches are the Greek equivalent of PB & J. My boys love them -- and I love that they're eating veggies."

Monica Buck
Monica Buck


Eric Ripert
A guest judge on Top Chef
Kid: Adrien, 5
On French Food: "There's no kiddie food in France; children just eat smaller portions of what their parents have. At lunchtime, it's common to serve a savory food like crepes with a veggie."

Monica Buck
Monica Buck


Richard Sandoval
Owner of 11 Mexican restaurants
Kids: ??Giancarlo, 13, and Isabella, 9
On Mexican Food: "I was born in Mexico, and I have taken my kids there. Ceviche -- seafood marinated in citrus juice -- is popular among Mexican kids. My son loves it with shrimp."

Monica Buck
Monica Buck


Ming Tsai
Star of Public Television's cooking show Simply Ming
Kids: David, 9, and Henry, 7
On Chinese Food: "My parents were born in China, and I spent a lot of my childhood summers in Taiwan. Most kids eat noodle dishes for lunch. My boys enjoy this chow mein -- even the veggies. I guess it appeals to their sweet tooth; vegetables stir-fried in onions and garlic taste sweeter than steamed or raw ones."

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