It Worked For Me: Quick Kitchen Tricks

Whether you have a messy eater or a picky eater (or both!), mealtime can be challenging. Our readers shared their favorite kitchen tricks to keep the whole family happy.


[MUSIC] To get my picky eater to try vegetables, I reintroduced foods using foreign language translations. I created and laminated a menu with pictures of all the healthy foods for my three year old to quickly choose. The menu doubles as a place mat. My three year old daughter loves ice cream cones. But they melt faster than she can lick them. So, I push a marshmallow into the bottom of the cone. It stops drips and she loves the bonus treat. When eating tacos or wraps, my two year old struggled to keep them rolled up and the fillings would fall out. Now I put them inside a popsicle mold and they stay together. My kids can't handle eating popsicles without spilling all over, so I let them eat in the bathtub. [MUSIC] And there's no mess. I make cereal leis for my daughter to snack on in the car to help keep the car clean. [MUSIC]

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