Huggable Bugs Cupcakes

These cupcakes will cause quite a buzz! And you can whip up a whole swarm with super simple supplies.


Butterfly, ladybugs, bees, oh my. We've got-- one of these adorable cupcakes for your next birthday party. For the cake, I'm simply gonna start with some 2-1/2-inch size cupcakes and really if you wanna go larger you can. And you can even use store bought cupcakes if you want. Now, for the frosting, I've taken some can frosting and tinted it green. For the toppers, I'm pretty sure you have most of these things in your house already. We're talking Fruit Loops, big marshmallows, some lollipops or a little Dum Dum and some sprinkles. So, what I'm gonna do is take my cupcake and frost it with a little bit of a green frosting and then get to building up my butterflies. Now, I know that your kids will love to help with these and they're so simple, so any age can do it. Now, I'm gonna take my Fruit Loops and start building the body of the butterfly. We'll start kind of about a 3rd of the way back, want to line them up and just stick them into the frosting upright. For the head, I'm gonna take my sucker and trim off a little bit of the sucker stick to about a half an inch. Need as sturdy pair of scissors for that. And then make sure that the kids know that the suckers are going to have little sticks on the bottom so that they don't bite into them. But just take the sucker and push it right down into the cupcake for the head. For the wings I'm gonna take a big marshmallow and snip it in half. You'll need a couple of these. So, just snip it in half with your scissors. Now, in the ends of these marshmallows, they're a little sticky as you can see. I'm going to take some colored sprinkles and it doesn't matter whatever colors you want and just sprinkle that on to the ends. Most of them are gonna stick really well. And then place them right on to your frosting for the wings. Do that again and I'm gonna use yellow this time. You can shake a little of the excess off but you wanna make sure there's plenty of color. Okay. So, two on each sides [unk] marshmallow, snip that guy in half and more sprinkles. Okay. So, now that we've got the wings on, two more final touches. So, the first is going to be the antenna. I've got these little tweezers that are the ones in the long ropes that you can pull apart and I've just cut them to about a 2-inch length and we'll just insert those into the cupcake right behind that sucker head. Here we go, and eyes. So, just take a dot of frosting onto the back of the eye and put that right onto the head. There's your butterfly. Isn't it just super cute? Now that I've shown you the butterfly, there's tons of other critters you can make and you could even come up with your own. These adorable critters are so easy to make and you can get everybody involved in the decorating.

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