Kid Friendly Food

Kids can be notoriously tough to please. Try this mom-tested advice to turn them around, then make some of our favorite kid recipes that will lead to fuss-free dinners in no time.

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4 Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love

Get your kids excited for the most important meal of the day!
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4 Ways With Fries

Fries are already a fan-favorite food—these recipes are guaranteed to be hits.
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11 Desserts Made from Your Kids’ Favorite Cereals

Think outside the cereal bowl! These yummy recipes transform your kids’ favorite cereals into family-favorite sweet treats.
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Mac 'n' Cheese Ratatouille Bake

The Mac 'n' Cheese Ratatouille Bake is packed with vegetables and puts a new spin on a French classic that the whole family will love.
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How to Make a Rice Krispies Treats Bicycle

Rice Krispies Treats feeling a little square? Try creating one shaped like a bike, thanks to fun-food fanatic Jessica Siskin’s upcoming book, Treat Yourself.
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How to Roast Veggies for Babies and Toddlers

Roasted veggies are naturally sweet, so babies and toddlers tend to love their flavor. Here's a step-by-step guide to simple roasting, plus tips for making sure that the final texture is easy for your little one to manage.
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The 10 Best Family Restaurants, 2008

Feel like going out to eat tonight? Parents polled more than 50 of the largest full-service or buffet-style restaurant chains to see which cater best to families and to find out what they're feeding the kids.
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Tater Tot & Beef Stew

This protein-packed beef stew with make the kids happy with its crunchy tater tot topping!