How To Stir-Fry

Discover simple stir-frying tricks to make the most of this healthy, fast, and easy weeknight dinner favorite -- whether you have a wok or not.


Stir-frying is a great technique for busy weeknight dinners. It's healthy, fast, and easy to tailor to your family's tastes. Since stir-fries come together so quickly, make sure to have all of your ingredients ready before you begin cooking. Today, I'm stir-frying shrimp and baby bok choy with ginger and garlic. It's best to cut all of your ingredients into small similarly sized pieces so they cook at about the same rate. If you're using an ingredient that takes longer to cook, put it in the pan first for a head start. You want to use a wok or a large skillet to stir-fry. Pour in the oil and turn the heat to medium high. Make sure the oil is very hot before you add your ingredients. You want to hear a sizzle. First, I'm adding the shrimp, ginger, and garlic. And we'll stir-fry for a minute or so. You'll see that I'm stirring almost constantly. This keeps the ingredients moving and helps the heat distribute evenly. Next, I'll add the bok choy and we'll cook until it's just tender. To finish the dish, I'll sprinkle it with a little salt and drizzle it with some sesame oil. So, prep your ingredients ahead, cut them into small pieces, heat your oil, and stir frequently. Remember these easy steps and you'll turn to stir-fries again and again for great family dinners.

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