How to Roast Right

Watch as Parents contributor Jenna Helwig shares her tips and tricks for roasting.


-Hi. I'm Jenna Helwig, personal chef and Parents contributor. Today, I'm going to talk to you about one of my favorite cooking techniques, roasting. Nearly anything can be roasted but there are some things that take to it much better. For example, root vegetables. They have a lot of natural sugars that really caramelized beautifully in the oven. You can see here I did some potatoes and some cauliflower. There's no one size fits all when it comes to roasting. If you are doing vegetables like this, you want it fast, blast, high heat, short amount of time. If you have a larger cut of meat like pot roast for example, you wanna go low and slow. Make sure to season your food generously. I use salts and pepper and often some herbs. If you are using heartier herbs like rosemary or thyme, those can go in at the beginning of the cooking process, for more delicate herbs like cilantro or basil or mint or tarragon which I have here, you wanna add those at the end. So one of the important things to remember about roasting when you're roasting meat is that it needs to rest before you carve it. So let it rest for several minutes. This will help any of the juices that have come out and redistribute throughout the meat to make it tender and delicious. So now I'm gonna carve the pot roast, it looks delicious. I like to use a serrated knife for big cuts of meat like this. Wow. So there you have it, the secrets to roasting. I'm sure that this will become one of your favorite techniques.

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