How to Properly Steam


-Let's talk about steaming. Steaming often gets a bad wrap. But I'm gonna show you a few ways that you can make your steam food taste delicious. First of all, let's talk about the liquid. Most people just use water and that's fine. But you could also use stock or wine or juice or combination. I'm going to use chicken stock today. You can also use some aromatics to add flavor, some garlic or some shallots or even some citrus. So take a look at your steamer basket. You wanna look at the food because you don't want the liquid in your pot to bubble up and touch the food that you're steaming then it won't be steaming, it will be boiling. So take a look at this, see how tall they are and add just enough stock so it doesn't go up pass the food. Next year at the aromatics, so I've got my garlic and an orange. So now add the steamer basket and turn the heat up to high to get the water boiling. So now that my liquid is boiling and there are some steam, I'm going to add the carrots, put the top back on so it will trap in all that great steam and let the carrots cook. So next time you're steaming, remember these few simple tricks to have delicious steamed food.

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