How to Make a California Roll

Watch FamilyFun editor Joy Howard as she demonstrates how to make a California Roll.


-California Rolls are a kid favorite and a fan and easy recipe for the whole family to make together. Most of these ingredients you already have at home but the specialty ingredients you'll be able to find in the Asian section of your supermarket like nori, soy sauce and wasabi. The sushi rice you'll also find there and if you're [unk] of your time you can make it ahead. So I've got my bamboo rolling mat covered in plastic and I placed a sheet of nori, shiny side down on to the mat and I'm going to cover the nori sheet with some rice but first I just need to wet my hands so they don't stick to the rice as I'm applying it. And do you wanna cover the sheet almost to the edge, all the way around. And next I'm gonna put on some toasted sesame seeds. Before I start rolling, I'm gonna flip over the sheet of nori and you don't have to worry about the rice falling off, it'll stick to the sheet just fine and can kinda pat it in place. Next, I'm gonna add in the fillings of cucumber and I've got crab and now avocado and be careful not to overfill 'cause if you overfill it's gonna be difficult to roll. The rolling takes a bit of practice but you don't have to worry, it'll still be tasty and to get it started, I just wanna fold my sheet over ingredients. I can use my mat as a guide and you kind of wanna pinch it together to get the roll started nice and tight and I'm gonna continue to use my mat as a guide. Just give it one last squeeze, shape it and you're done. Some tricks for cutting your roll is to first wet your knife with hot water and then to get in into 6 even slices, you first wanna slice it in the center and then cut each half into 3 equal slices.

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