5 Fun Food Mashups

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Combine classic favorites to create family dinners that everyone will enjoy.

Teriyaki Tacos

What happens when you combine two favorite foods into one easy dish? Clean plates, that’s what. Grilled salmon takes the place of deep-fried fish in this riff on the Baja-style street food.

Buffalo Noodles

Buffalo Chicken + Lo Mein = Delicious. Using a rotisserie bird means you can get this flavorful meal on the table in less than half an hour.

Patty Mac

The carnivores in your family will enjoy this patty melt-inspired twist on macaroni and cheese.

This skillet-top recipe is a delicious fusion of mac 'n' cheese and a patty melt--two kid favorites in one!

Oatmeal Cookie Cobbler

Shake up a summer classic by topping peaches with a crunchy, whole-grain cookie dough. With frozen peaches your family can enjoy this fruity dessert year-round.

Upgrade your go-to rice crispy treats recipe by adding some chunky peanut butter to the mixture, then spreading strawberry jam between two layers.

PB&J Treats

Store these mouthwatering peanutty treats in an airtight container at room temperature for up to three days...if they last that long.

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