From low-sodium chicken to hearty grass-feed beef, food pros share their favorite packaged broths they use to make their family's favorite recipes.

January 08, 2021
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From soups to stews, rice to risotto, the right broth can up the flavor to countless of your family's favorite dinners. We asked experts to share their go-to packaged picks so you can stock your pantry accordingly.

Best Chicken Broths

"Imagine Free-Range Chicken Broth and Pacific Foods Organic are my go-tos. I use the regular versions in soups and the lower-sodium ones in place of water when cooking rice or couscous."

—Samina Kalloo, R.D.N., @mindfulmom.nutrition on Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Imagine Foods

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Credit: Courtesy of Pacific Foods

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Best Beef Broths

"I keep Better Than Bouillon Reduced Sodium in my pantry. I just mix it with water, and use for soups, stews, and risotto. I'm also a fan of Brodo's Beef Bone Broth, which tastes homemade."

—Silvia Baldini, Chopped champion

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Best Vegetable Broths

"A versatile light-tasting option is 365 Whole Foods Market Organic. I prefer the low-sodium version so I can manage the type and amount of salt, but you do you. When I want a heartier flavor, I rely on Kitchen Basics Unsalted."

—Jackie Newgent, R.D.N., author of The With or Without Meat Cookbook

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Credit: Courtesy of Kitchen Basics

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