Cooking How-To: Marinating

Chef Jenna Helwig demonstrates how to make a marinade.


I'm Jenna Helwig, private chef and Parents contributor. Today, we're going to talk about marinades. Making a marinade is a great way to add flavor and tenderize your meat. There are 3 basic components to a marinade. First is, you wanna use some oil. You wanna add quite a bit because you wanna make sure there is enough to cover the meat. The second important part for the marinade is an acid. You could use lemon juice, any sort of vinegar. Today, I'm gonna use a red wine vinegar, and I'm gonna use about the same amount as the olive oil. The acid will help tenderize the meat. It actually sort of pre-cooks the meat a bit as the meat is sitting in the marinade. So to add flavor we'll add some aromatics. Today, I'm going to use garlic and shallots. And to add even more flavor I'm going to use some herbs too. You also wanna make sure to add some salt. And then we'll just give this a good mix. It doesn't need to be perfectly mixed at all. And finally, I'm going to pour it over to meat. Now to make sure that the marinade completely covers the meat, I'm just going to flip it. So for something like this, I'll probably marinate it for a few hours. I'll cover it with plastic wrap and then put it in the fridge. Instead of throwing away the marinade, you can use it to make a sauce. Just pour the marinade into a sauce pan and you want it to boil for a few minutes. The boiling will kill any bacteria that got into the marinade from the raw meat.

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