The easy and delicious recipes for the whole family will ease your mind and free up some of your time during those hectic weeknights.


Coming up with fresh dinner meals every day of the week that all your kids will love can often times feel like mission impossible—especially if you’re trying to please some picky eaters. That’s why we are pro instant pot recipes; you just toss the ingredients in your instant pot and wait until the meal is ready for serving.

Simple and easy enough, right?

To make your life even easier, we compiled a list of 10 weeknight dinner recipes you and your kids will love because chances are you have enough on your mind as it is.

Baked Ziti

Why we love it: The leftovers of course! Baked pasta dishes save particularly well to give you another night of meals.

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Orange Pot Chicken

Why we love it: It's like eating takeout on a weekday! Kids will love the idea of homemade Chinese food. 

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Mac and Cheese

Why we love it: Because no kid ever refuses mac and cheese. This is a guaranteed picky kid proof recipe. 

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Lemon Garlic Chicken

Why we love it:  This creamy chicken dinner is done in 20 mins. Plus, it pairs well with both noodles and mashed potatoes.

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Honey Garlic Chicken

Why we love it: For its flavorful sauce, of course. This tender chicken will be a weekly demand from your kids. 

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

Why we love it: This recipe doesn't require any side dishes, which means less work for you!

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Minestrone Soup

Why we love it: This is the perfect healthy dish for a cold winter day. It's like comfort food without the crazy calorie count.

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Beef and Broccoli

Why we love it: Because chicken every night can get old quickly. This recipe is another main and side dish all in one.

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Creamy Turkey and Spinach Penne

Why we love it: This dish feels like fine dining despite being a one-pot recipe. 

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Why we love it: Another crowd favorite, is not only a hit the day of, but it freezes well and lasts for weeks.

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