Forbidden Baby Foods

Don't put your baby at risk for choking or an allergic reaction. Here are four foods you shouldn't feed your bundle of joy before her 1st birthday.


[NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] When it comes to feeding your baby, the last thing you want to do as a new mom is give her something that results in choking or allergies. Here are four forbidden foods you should avoid before your baby turns one. First, stay away from honey. Sure its sweet, but it's sticky and can be tough for babies to swallow. It also contains spores of a certain bacteria that is difficult to digest, making it toxic for babies. Second, be careful with nuts. Experts now recommend exposing babies to nuts around six months. As long as there isn't a history of allergies in the family. But never feed babies whole nuts or a spoonful of nut butter, which are not good for small windpipes. Third, don't serve cow's milk. The proteins in cow's milk are difficult to digest, and they can also cause allergies or intolerance. Instead, continue breast milk or formula, which contains more vitamins and minerals. [UNKNOWN] for a full year before offering a taste of regular milk. Finally, no candy. This may seem like an obvious no-no but small hard candies and chewy soft gummies can be choking hazards. After all you can never be too careful about keeping your baby safe from troublesome food. You don't want to risk it. [MUSIC]

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