Choose a Baby Food Maker

Finding the best baby food maker for you.


Hi. I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine, and I'm gonna help you figure out how to choose a baby food maker. If you wanna make food for you baby, almost anything that purees food will do and that can include your home blender, or Cuisinart or if you have a food mill that works with a hand grind, can constrain out seeds. Any of that can puree food but there's also a lot of devices sold specifically for making baby food. That can include an emerging blender when you can put in a pot of food to turn it into more of a puree for your baby. That can include a special machine that will steam the food and puree it in the same bowl that saves you a lot of time and clean up, or it can be something as simple as a food masher, where you can take food that you've already heated and softened and mash it into baby food. When you're deciding which one to buy, it may mostly depends on how often you picture yourself making your baby's food or you're just gonna mash food occasionally like fruits for breakfast. Maybe just in a masher or you can be turning the family's dinner into your baby's food. Maybe using an emerging blender or your home blender. But if you picture yourself making lots of baby food for all your baby's meals and maybe special blends, consider one of the bigger machines that will help you cook and puree it in the same device. And so hopefully, whatever you cook the baby will find delicious.

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