Baby Food: Spinach and Banana Puree

Give baby a nutritious start on solids with Catherine McCord's Spinach and Banana Puree.


-Hello. Oh hi Jake. Yeah. You want some spinach and banana baby food? Yeah Chloe and I make it right now. You want to talk to her? Okay here is she. It's for you. -Hello. -There is nothing better than homemade baby food and especially we did something easy and simple to make like this spinach and banana babyfood puree. So start, Chloe, go ahead. Chloe has got one banana, we got-you want to do it? An organic baby-a banana in here. -Okay. -Okay and then what's this? -Spinach. -Half a cup of raw spinach. Tons of potassium, we're gonna give it a bright flavor but it is also very sweet this baby food puree. You're trying to figure-here let me do half and you do half, ready? And the baby boy makes it super easy to puree everything all out. All right? Two ingredients, seriously, what could be easier. All right, and Chloe is gonna do this, we're making this for our friend because what's better for a brand new baby than homemade puree. Okay, ready? Stop, stop, stop. Whoah, going all the lights out. Let's give it one tap tap tap inside and then go. Even babies can do it on their own. -We did it. -We did it. That's it. How easy was that? You wanna taste? I wanna taste. Let's see what Jake's getting. Sweet, creamy what do you think? Delicious. For more fast fresh and easy recipes like this and more, check out

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