Baby Food: Pear & Banana Puree

Start baby on solids with Catherine McCord's Pear & Banana Puree.


-Whose ready to get into the high chair and do some serious eating? Me! Who loves baby food? Me! Who loves Weelicious? Me! I trained her well. Chloe has become an eating machine. Everything that I put in front of her she totally gobbles up and this roasted pear and banana baby food is no different. The only major problem is trying to keep it away from everything else in the house. Do Daddy and Kenya wanna eat every bite of this? Yes. You offering me some of your bagel? I want a whole bite. Ooh, huge, get away from me. Okay. To start, I have 2 Bartlett pears that I peeled. This is a peeled Bartlett pear. And what I'm gonna do is take a slicer like this and slice the pear into slices. All right. So, you just push it through. You could also do this with a knife. Let's see how easy that is so that you just throw it right on to a parchment or silk outlined baking sheet. You don't need oil, butter, nothing because this paper will help it from sticking and then you just do the stacking of pear like this. Put it through. And what are you doing, Giggles? What are you doing, Giggles? All right. I'll put this on. And then I'm gonna take 2 bananas and do the same thing. Just gonna cut them into about 1-inch chunks so that they're about the same size as the pears. What are you doing, Giggles? Oh, do you [unk]? And pears and bananas are great choices for babies because they're both high in fiber and bananas are really high in potassium, which is great for growing bodies. All right. I also love that they're really creamy. All right, so I've got everything into chunks. Right Chloe? And we're gonna put it into a 400-degree oven for 25 minutes. All right, here they go, Chlo. And when they're finished, they're gonna look like this. See how they have caramelization under them and they're dried out a little bit so they become super creamy 'cause sometimes that's the problem with pears. They can be a little watery in baby food. So, I'd put everything into the food processor like this. Right Choo-Choo? What do you think, Chloe? You like-- You like eating? You like baby food? Yeah. Okay. I'm just gonna put it in and off we go. What do you think of that? And you could stop once or twice if you want and just pour it on the sides, but look at that. You don't even need too. It's already finished. It's already creamy and delicious. What do you think? You wanna bite? Is it yummy? Bite for mommy too. Yummy! Do you like it? For more fast, fresh, and easy recipes like this and more, check out Do you like it? Want more?

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