White Christmas: Festive Crafts and Treats

Source: Parents Magazine


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15 mins
15 mins
1 snowman


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  • On a small plate, stack the three donut holes. Secure by placing a wooden skewer down the center of the stack. If you would like ear muffs, cut a small slice off each side of the top donut hole. Spread a small amount of melted candy coating on the cut side of the donut hole and place a ring-shaped gummy candy. Place a small piece of licorice to connect, securing ends into candy coating. If making a hat, take a 10-inch piece of fruit roll and gather into a ball. Shape into a hat with your fingers, shaping strings on either side, if desired. Place hat atop donut hole and secure with candy coating. Using the tip of a knife, make small indents where you want the eyes and buttons to be. Add chocolate chip buttons and eyes, using candy coating to secure. Cut a small wedge shape from the orange gumdrop for the nose. Secure nose with candy coating. If desired, shape red gumdrops into mittens by rolling between pieces of waxed paper sprinkled with sugar. Using a sharp knife, cut into mittens. Press mitten onto each pretzel stick. Press pretzel arms into body.

  • For a scarf, cut a 10- to 12-inch piece of fruit roll. Make 1-inch cuts on both ends of the fruit roll to form scarf fringe. Wrap scarf around neck.