Skeletons in a Coffin

Skeletons in a Coffin
Yield: 12 skeletons


  • 12 regular-sized marshmallows
  • 36 mini marshmallows
  • Vanilla candy melt
  • 24 pretzel sticks
  • 36 yogurt-covered pretzel twists
  • 24 yogurt-covered raisins or white-chocolate covered almonds
  • 48 pieces of licorice chalk
  • Black food-safe marker
  • Store-bought chocolate cake
  • 12 skewer sticks

Make It

1. Slice store-bought chocolate cake into a coffin shape. Insert a skewer near top of coffin. Place a mini marshmallow onto skewer, and then add a pretzel twist. Then add two more pretzel twists and mini marshmallows. Use a black food-safe marker to draw a skeleton face on a regular-sized marshmallow and add it to the top of the skewer.

2. Melt candy melts according to package instructions. Dip pretzel sticks in the melts until coated; set on parchment or wax paper to dry. When dry, stick into the second mini marshmallow as "arms."

3. Use two pieces of licorice chalk to form a leg, then insert yogurt-covered raisin vertically into cake to form "foot"; repeat to form second leg and foot.