A cake mix makes this yummy dollhouse cake. Decorate the roof with candy wafers and you have a sweet dessert for a child's party.

Source: Parents Magazine


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  • Grease and flour two 9 x 13-inch baking pans. Using pound-cake variation on side of box (add instant pudding and 1 extra egg), prepare cake mixes according to package directions. Bake in pans. Let cakes cool completely.

  • Tint 2 containers of frosting pink using red icing color. Cut cakes in half crosswise. On serving platter, stack 3 cake halves with thin layers of pink frosting in between. For roof: Measure 1-1/2 inches in from opposite sides of remaining cake half, and cut 2 wedges from the lines to the bottom corners of the cake layer. Flip wedges up to create peak of roof. Attach all roof pieces to top of cake with pink frosting. Frost entire cake with remaining pink frosting.

  • Using a serrated knife, cut 3 wafer cookies to a length of 2 inches, then cut in half on the diagonal. Using pink frosting, sandwich 3 halves together for each dormer window. Press into roof. Carefully split 1 wafer in half to create 2 thin wafers. Cut in half crosswise. Using frosting, attach to tops of dormers, filling in center spaces. Press 2 wafers to front of house for door. Cut 1-3/4-inch piece of wafer for window over door; press into frosting.

  • Starting at bottom edge of roof, place pink, orange, purple, and white candy wafers in overlapping rows to create the shingles on the roof.

  • Spoon 1/2 cup white frosting into bag fitted with a #4 plain decorating tip. Spoon 1/2 cup white frosting into each of 2 bowls. Tint 1 green and 1 pale orange. Spoon into freezer-weight resealable plastic bags, and snip off a tiny corner. Pipe window frames, door knobs, dormer windows, and window boxes using white frosting. Pipe curtains in windows using pale orange. Pipe small dots of green for leaves in window boxes. Place pink and purple candies in leaves for flowers. Pipe white frosting on surface for sidewalk. Place brown and black wafer candies for stones. Pipe small dots of green for leaves along edge of sidewalk, then place pink and purple candies in leaves for flowers.