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  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment or waxed paper. Cut 6 of the large white
    marshmallows in half crosswise
    with clean scissors. Insert a
    lollipop stick into center of
    uncut side of a marshmallow
    half and push it about 1 1/2
    inches onto stick. Thread a pink
    and then a whole white
    marshmallow, flat side onto
    lollipop stick, pressing them to
    marshmallow half. Make sure
    end of stick remains covered
    with whole white marshmallow.
    Cut a corner from opposite
    sides of whole white
    marshmallow to create a
    triangle for Santa's hat. Transfer
    stick to prepared cookie sheet.
    Repeat to make 11 more sticks.
    Cut mini marshmallows in half
    crosswise; set aside.

  • Place red candy melts in a
    small microwavable bowl.
    Microwave, stirring every
    10 seconds, until smooth, about 1 minute. Dip top of a
    marshmallow assembly in red
    candy to cover just the white
    triangular marshmallow,
    allowing excess candy to drip
    back into bowl. Return stick to
    cookie sheet. Place a mini
    marshmallow half, cut side
    down, at top of coated
    marshmallow. Repeat with
    remaining marshmallows and
    candy. Transfer cookie sheet
    to refrigerator until set, about
    5 minutes.

  • Spoon vanilla frosting into a
    ziplock bag; press out excess
    air and seal bag. Place white
    sprinkles in a shallow bowl.

  • Snip a small (1/8-inch) corner
    from bag with vanilla frosting.
    Working on one stick at a
    time, pipe a thin wavy line
    around edge of red candy and
    press sprinkles into frosting.
    Pipe Santa’s beard, hair and
    mustache onto marshmallows
    and gently press sprinkles into
    frosting. Adjust any stray
    sprinkles with a toothpick, if
    necessary. Add a red M&M’s
    for the nose and pipe 2 eyes
    with decorating icing. Press
    stick end into styrofoam.
    Repeat with remaining sticks.

  • Arrange finished sticks in a
    cup filled with candy. Cover
    styrofoam with candies, if using.