Marshmallow Pilgram Hat Treats

Marshmallow Pilgram Hat Treats


  • chocolate-striped shortbread cookies
  • 12-oz package of chocolate chips
  • skewers
  • marshmallows
  • white fruit chew
  • yellow decorators' frosting

Make It

1. Set the cookies stripes down on a wax-paper-covered tray, spacing them well apart.

2. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave or double boiler.

3. One at a time, stick a skewer into a marshmallow, dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and promptly center it atop a cookie. Set the hats in refrigerator until the chocolate sets.

4. Using scissors, cut a 1/4-inch strip of white fruit chew and wrap it around the hat.

5. Pipe a yellow decorators' frosting buckle on the front of each hat.