Tie-Dyed Sorbet Surprise

Tie-Dyed Surprise
Servings: 20


  • 2 pints raspberry sorbet
  • 2 pints mango sorbet
  • 1 quart vanilla frozen yogurt
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Frozen peaches, defrosted
  • Vegetable cooking spray

Make It

1. Coat a Bundt pan with vegetable cooking spray. Slightly soften 2 pints raspberry sorbet and 2 pints mango sorbet. Soften 1 quart vanilla frozen yogurt. Using a large, flat serving spoon, scoop sorbets and frozen yogurt and place in Bundt pan, alternating colors to create a tie-dyed effect. Cover with plastic, and press firmly to pack sorbets and yogurt into pan. Freeze. Remove plastic wrap and unmold. Place on serving platter, and fill center with fresh raspberries and sliced frozen peaches, defrosted.