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5 mins
5 mins
10 mins
1 3/4 lbs dough, enough for fourteen 5 1/2- to 6-inch tortillas or thirty-five 4-inch tortillas


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  • Combine masa harina, salt
    and 11/2 cups of the water in a
    large bowl and knead with your
    hands until a uniform dough
    forms, 1 to 2 minutes. The
    dough should be slightly
    moister than fresh Play-Doh
    but just stiff enough to form
    into a ball. If necessary, knead
    a little more water into the
    dough. Let stand, covered with
    plastic wrap, for 5 minutes.
    The dough will dry out as it
    sits, so keep it covered with
    plastic while you work.

  • For 51/2- to 6-inch tortillas:
    Pinch off 3 tbsp dough and
    form into a 11/2-inch ball (about
    the size of a golf ball). Form
    more balls as you press and
    cook them. For 4-inch tortillas:
    Pinch off 1 tbsp dough and form
    a 3/4-inch ball. Form more balls
    as you press and cook them.

  • Heat a comal or flat griddle
    over medium heat until hot,
    about 2 minutes. Press a ball of
    dough between plastic rounds
    in tortilla press to form a
    tortilla. If uneven, rotate
    tortilla 180° and press again to
    desired size. Peel off 1 plastic
    round, then, holding tortilla
    over the edge of your palm,
    carefully peel off the other
    round so that tortilla is
    dangling from your palm.
    Transfer tortilla to griddle by
    letting the dangling edge touch
    it and slowly pulling your hand
    back as you lay the tortilla
    down on the griddle. This will take a little practice, but it's
    better than flipping tortillas
    onto the griddle because they
    rarely end up lying flat.

  • Cook until edges lift just
    slightly from griddle, about 15
    seconds. Turn over (you can lift
    the edge of the tortilla with a
    butter knife or spatula to help
    you, but then grab it with your
    fingers and flip it over). Cook
    until a few faint brown spots
    appear on the underside, about
    45 seconds. Turn over again
    and cook until tortilla inflates
    slightly (this may not always
    happen) and small brown spots
    appear on the second side,
    another 45 seconds. Transfer
    tortilla to a cloth-lined tortilla
    basket to keep warm as you
    make more tortillas.