Ingredient Checklist


  • Tint Royal Frosting bright green with food coloring. Spoon frosting into 2 or 3 resealable bags. Seal bags and set aside.

  • Wrap wreath form with several sheets of aluminum foil. Tape the ends to secure.

  • Place a sheet of wax paper on a work surface. Place wreath form on wax paper.

  • Snip a corner from one of the frosting bags. Pipe some frosting over wreath. Spread to make a thick coating on about one-third of the wreath. Starting at the base, arrange green gumdrops close together in rows. Repeat rows to cover wreath. Make sure to work in small areas so frosting doesn't dry out. Add a few clusters of 3 red gumdrops here and there. Allow to dry at least 48 hours before hanging.

Royal Frosting
  • Combine 1 box (16 oz) confectioners' sugar with 3 tbsp powdered egg whites and 6 tbsp water in a large bowl. Beat until thick.