Puppy Love

A mini cupcake makes the head and a regular cupcake makes the body for these puppies. Candy makes their little faces.

Puppy Love
Yield: 16 cupcakes


  • 1 16 ounce can vanilla frosting
  • 16 vanilla cupcakes in paper liners
  • 16 mini vanilla cupcakes, liners removed
  • Red licorice rope
  • Mini heart-shaped candies
  • Candy-coated sunflower seeds
  • Large heart-shaped sprinkles
  • Pink Starburst candies
  • Mini Tootsie Rolls

Make It

1. Transfer frosting to a zip-top freezer bag fitted with a medium star tip. On all cupcakes, pipe frosting in lines so that it hangs over the edge. Cut licorice rope to size and wrap around bottom of mini cupcakes. Place mini cupcakes in the middle of the larger cupcakes. Place a mini heart-shaped candy in the center of the licorice rope to resemble a dog tag.

2. To mini cupcakes add a mound of frosting and a large heart-shaped sprinkle for the nose. Place seeds on top for eyes. Shape Starburst candies into tiny tongues and place on cupcakes. Cut Tootsie Rolls in half and shape into two ears; insert into sides of mini cupcakes.