Top cupcakes with frosted donut holes to make these dessert snowmen. Let the kids decorate the faces of these snowy treats.

Source: Parents Magazine


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12 snowmen


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  • Using 1/2 can of vanilla frosting, frost cupcakes. Place other opened can of frosting in the microwave and heat in 10-second intervals, stirring in between, until frosting is the consistency of heavy cream. Place doughnut on a fork and dunk into frosting; shake excess frosting off and place in center of cupcake. Repeat, stacking another doughnut on top to make snowman shape.

  • Insert chips for eyes and sunflower seed for nose. For each hat, use frosting to attach a mini marshmallow to a melting wafer. Insert assorted candies for buttons. Cut a strip of gum to make a scarf, and wrap around snowman's neck.