Corn Tortilla Chips

Corn Tortilla Chips
Servings: 10 Prep 5 mins Fry 5 mins per batch


  • 30 corn tortillas
  • 2 quarts vegetable oil, or as needed
  • Kosher salt

Make It

1. Stack tortillas a few at a time and cut into 6 wedges. Drop all wedges into a bowl and toss gently with your hands to separate them.

2. Pour enough oil into a 5-quart pot to fill it 2 inches deep, and fasten a deep-fry thermometer to the side. Heat oil over medium-high heat to 375 degrees . Line a large bowl with paper towels and have a large brown paper bag handy.

3. Fry tortilla wedges in small batches, making sure not to overcrowd pot, stirring occasionally to prevent them from sticking together, and turning and submerging them as they cook, until crisp and golden, about 5 minutes. Using a wire strainer, transfer chips to paper-towel-lined bowl.

4. Repeat with remaining tortillas, letting oil return to 375 degrees between batches. While second batch is cooking, drop chips into paper bag and season liberally with salt. Give bag a little shake to distribute salt. Store chips in the same brown paper bag until serving. As chips are done, keep adding more chips and salt.