For a fun holiday dessert, make a brownie mix, cut them into squares and decorate with fondant, candy and fruit rolls to look like presents.

Source: Parents Magazine


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18 brownies of varying sizes


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  • Prepare brownie mix in a 9 x 13-inch pan according to the "cake-style" directions on the box. If your mix doesn't have a cake-style recipe, use an additional egg when preparing.

  • Trim edges off all four sides of the brownie sheet to ensure they are straight, then cut the brownie just a little bit off center vertically. Cut the smaller of the two pieces in half, vertically, to make two strips. Divide each strip into thirds, horizontally, for a total of six big squares. Cut the remaining portion of the brownie in half horizontally. Divide one section in half again, horizontally, to make two strips. Cut each strip into fourths for a total of eight rectangles (you'll only need six). Divide the remaining section in half, vertically, and cut one of the pieces in half, vertically, into two strips. Divide each strip into thirds to create six small squares; save scraps for snacking. Place brownie pieces on a baking sheet and freeze for 2 hours.

  • On a sheet of wax paper, roll out three sheets of fondant. Using a pizza cutter, cut in half lengthwise, then make 3 perpendicular cuts to get 6 pieces from each color. Drape rolled fondant over the appropriate-size frozen brownie pieces, fold in 2 opposite sides as if you're wrapping a package, and trim as needed. You shouldn't cover the bottom of the brownies.

  • Lightly dust the wax paper and your fingers with cornstarch or confectioners' sugar. Roll the fruit chews into a thin, flat ribbon. Crisscross ribbons over packages, adhering them to the fondant with dabs of corn syrup. Unroll a Yogo and trim, if needed, to also use as a ribbon (these will stick to the fondant without corn syrup). Use candy scraps to make a small bow for the top of the pile. Stack the presents as shown or serve them individually.