Thanks to frozen broccoli and brown rice, you’ll have a dinner everyone will love faster than Uber Eats can deliver, and no dirty pans or pipinghot wok to handle. You can combine the beef with the soy sauce mixture (and store it in that microwave-safe bowl) up to a day in advance.

Source: Parents Magazine


Recipe Summary

10 mins
20 mins
Max Servings:
4 1/2 cups beef mixture plus 1 3/4 cups rice


Ingredient Checklist


Make It
  • Whisk together the cornstarch, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and salt in a large (2-qt.) microwave-safe bowl. Add the garlic and skirt steak, and toss with tongs to combine. Layer the bell pepper over the beef mixture, followed by the frozen broccoli.

  • Cover the bowl tightly with a glass lid or plastic wrap and cook for 8 minutes on high. Remove the bowl; carefully take off the lid or plastic wrap. Stir the mixture to combine, and return to the microwave, uncovered, for 5 more minutes on high, stirring once. The beef and broccoli is done when the beef is no longer pink and the broccoli is tender-crisp.

  • Remove the beef and broccoli from the microwave to cool slightly. Heat the frozen rice according to the package directions. Serve the beef and broccoli over the rice. Top with sesame seeds, if desired.

Nutrition Facts

334 calories; total fat 11g; saturated fat 6g; polyunsaturated fat 1g; monounsaturated fat 7g; cholesterol 101mg; sodium 805mg; potassium 661mg; carbohydrates 31g; fiber 4g; sugar 3g; protein 28g; trans fatty acid 1g; vitamin a 159RE; vitamin a 1568IU; vitamin c 69mg; thiaminmg; riboflavin 1mg; niacin equivalents 9mg; vitamin b6 1mg; folate 56mcg; vitamin b12 4mcg; calcium 59mg; iron 3mg.