I'm Pregnant for the 5th Time, and These Are the Only Maternity Leggings I'll Ever Wear

These were the only leggings I tried that didn't fall down in pregnancy—and beyond

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the only leggings that don't fall down in pregnancy tout

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In my fifth pregnancy, I had all the maternity clothes I needed in bins in the basement to bust out as each season changes, except one essential item. The holy grail of pregnancy and postpartum wear had evaded me for many babies, and I was determined to solve it once and for all: the perfect leggings, that wouldn’t fall down at all stages of pregnancy, and even into postpartum months

So, I started testing. I went with one of the super popular mega leggings brands at first, thinking they’d make a solid transition to post-baby weeks. While they were helpful in many ways, I was still inching them up multiple times per day. I tried all the other big name brands and even some off-brand Amazon purchases. No luck. 

So, you can imagine my surprise to finally find the winner in a pair of under $30 leggings.

Quince Ultra-Form Performance Maternity & Postpartum Leggings


To buy: Quince Ultra-Form Performance Maternity & Postpartum Leggings $29.90; quince.com

The Quince Ultra-Form Performance Maternity Leggings are thicker than other options, but not hot. They are stretchy and comfortable, but not see-through and sloppy, like your go-to just around-the-house pair of leggings. They are tight but not unforgiving around the belly, almost like a supportive tank top. And finally, they have a seam that runs from the top, curving around to the front, that gives a streamlined, put-together appearance that meant I could even pair these with a long top and blazer for work.

The clincher? The side pocket, where my iPhone spends most of its days now. It’s not the type of pocket where you aren’t sure if you will lose your phone somewhere, either. It’s a solid, deep, perfect for a phone shaped pocket that all leggings should have. 

These pants have a unique option to roll them under the belly to double as an extra support as your bump gets heavier, or if you prefer not to have a fabric panel on your bump. They walk the line surprisingly well of having enough give for a pregnant belly while also looking promising for postpartum life, when you want full coverage and a bit of compression to support those healing belly and back muscles. And at under $30, you can scoop up multiple pairs without breaking the bank.

The leggings were my gateway into becoming completely infatuated with Quince as a brand, ultimately trying other products.  The ribbed maternity and nursing jumpsuit, which can go from pajamas to a night out (quite literally—just add a jacket) and accommodates a serious bump til the end. Twin mamas, take note. Also, the easy snaps at the chest that go way down make for easy breastfeeding later.

Quince Tencel Rib Maternity & Nursing Jumpsuit


To buy: Quince Maternity & Nursing Jumpsuit $49.90; quince.com

Quince proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune for high-quality, trendy, and functional maternity and postpartum clothes. They also prove you can have everything you want from a pair of leggings, even as your body changes more than ever. If only I’d known five pregnancies sooner.

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