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    Inflatable Baby Floats Recalled

    Brand: Aqua-Leisure Industries
    Inflatable Baby Floats Recalled recall image Courtesy of CPSC

    Recall Date:

    July 2, 2009


    The leg straps in the seat of the float can tear, causing children to unexpectedly fall into or under the water, posing a risk of drowning.


    This recall involves about 4 million inflatable baby floats sold in a variety of styles and colors. The names and model numbers are located on the packaging. A date between 08/02 and 07/08 is molded on the valves of recalled products. Products not included in the recall can be identified with the lettering "NP" molded on the valve. The following names and model numbers are included in this recall: Baby & Me Combo (ET-9105), a yellow figure-8-shaped inflatable float with turquoise vinyl seat bucket and seat back, plastic ring-and-bar toy; Deluxe Baby Boat (ET-9110, ET-9110EU, ET-9110KM, ET-9110SU, ET-9110WG, ET-9110WM, ET-9110WMUS, LT-9110L), a yellow boat-shaped inflatable float with turquoise plastic handles and turquoise vinyl seat bucket and seat back; Deluxe Toddler Racer (ET-9215, ET-9215DG, ET-9125DOL, ET-9215SU, LT-9215L), a yellow boat-shaped inflatable float with turquoise plastic handles and steering wheel and turquoise vinyl seat bucket and yellow seat back; Cozy Crab Sunshade Float/Crabby Baby Boat (SA-3223, SA-3223/24, SA-3223/24-1B, SA-3223/24-2A, SA-3223/24TG, SA-3223/24WM, SA-3223AU, SA-3223KR, SA-3223LD), a red crab-shaped inflatable float with red vinyl seat bucket and yellow inflatable adjustable sunshade; Ticklish Turtle Sunshade Float/Baby Boat (SA-3224, SA-3224AU, SA-3224KR, SA-3224LD, SA-3224WM), a yellow and green turtle-shaped inflatable float with green vinyl seat bucket and green inflatable adjustable sunshade; Toddler Race Boat (SA-3225), an automobile dácor and yellow boat-shaped inflatable float with green plastic handles and steering wheel and green vinyl seat bucket; Aquarium Baby Float (LD-3236, SA-3236), a yellow and purple inflatable float with yellow-background aquarium décor and purple vinyl seat bucket and seat back; Baby Adjustable Sunshade Boat/Adjustable Canopy Sunshade Float/Child's Baby Boat w/ Canopy (SA-3240, LD-3242, LT-3242L, SA-3242, SA-3242/43-1A, SA-3242/43TG, SA-3242AU, SA-3242WM, SA-3242WM, TG-3242), a blue and white inflatable float with crab-and-beach décor, blue and white inflatable canopy and white plastic handle, blue seat bucket; Sunshade Wave Rider Float/Child?s Wave Rider (LT-3243L, SA-3243, SA-3243DOL, SA-3243WM, SA-3243WM), a white inflatable float with aquatic décor and red seat back, blue and white inflatable canopy and blue seat bucket, red handle bars; Sunshade Buggy/Sunshade Water Buggy (SA-3244, SA-3244TG, SA-3244WM, WM-3244), a blue car-shaped inflatable float, yellow steering wheel and car-theme décor, with or without green accents or Pink car-shaped inflatable float, yellow steering wheel and car-theme décor, with or without yellow accents; Kiddie Cabin Cruiser (LD-3248, SA-3248, SA-3248DG, SA-3248DOL), a light blue, purple and clear inflatable float with light blue car cabin-shaped inflatable canopy and décor, light blue vinyl seat bucket and seat back; Sing-Along Wave Rider (SA-3252, WM-3252), a white inflatable float with aquatic décor and red seat back, blue and white inflatable canopy and red seat bucket, red handle bars. Plays two songs: "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Row Row Row Your Boat;" Quacker Float (TR-7420), a yellow duck-shaped inflatable float with or without duck-theme décor, with squeezable noisemaker; and Squirtin' Tootin' Tugboat (SA-7431), a white and red boat-shaped inflatable float with red vinyl seat bucket. Has squirt gun and squeezable noisemaker.

    Sold At

    Juvenile product and mass merchandise retailers nationwide, including Target, Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Kmart, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and Bed, Bath & Beyond from December 2002 through June 2009 for between $8 and $15.

    What To Do

    Immediately stop using these recalled inflatable baby floats and contact Aqua-Leisure for a full refund. For more information, contact Aqua-Leisure toll-free at (866) 807-3998 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit

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