This Best-Selling $20 Rice Water Spray May Just Be What Parents Need for Postpartum Hair Loss

Amazon shoppers are already seeing “baby hairs growing” after using this fermented rice spray infused with biotin and caffeine.

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Any parent who has been pregnant knows the unique struggle of dealing with postpartum hair loss—during pregnancy, hair typically gets a major boost during the months of gestation, only to be followed by a postpartum period of hair loss, breakage, and what feels like agonizingly slow regrowth.

There are different ways to deal with postpartum hair challenges: some of us just accept those tiny baby flyaways that encircle our head like a postpartum halo, others don’t bother to do their hair, so what does it matter anyways, and still others may take a more proactive approach to healing and nourishing their hair to promote regrowth. Which is exactly where this new “miracle” hair regrowth spray on Amazon comes into play—and it’s less than $20.

ProBliva Hair Growth Serum


To buy: ProBliva Rice Water Spray $19.99; 

Although unobtrusively labeled “rice water spray,” the hair serum is actually infused with biotin and caffeine, as well as essential oils like castor and rosemary and nutrients that aim to penetrate the scalp to work from within to help repair and regrow hair. It also contains fermented rice water, which has been found to replenish proteins and keratin in your hair, providing the secret to hair regrowth. 

The instructions say the hair serum can be used on all hair types, including hair that’s been colored, and should be applied daily. You apply a small amount directly to the scalp in affected areas, massage the serum in, then let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing. After daily use, the company claims you can start to see results in as little as two weeks. 

According to rave Amazon reviews, despite this being a new product, users are already seeing results. One reviewer gushed that the spray “really works” and after using the serum for four months, they saw “baby hairs growing” and the emergence of a hairline, “which I did not have before.” 

“It has helped regain some hair loss and volume post childbirth,” another postpartum reviewer revealed.

ProBliva Hair Growth Serum Lifestyle


To buy: ProBliva Rice Water Spray $19.99; 

Even if you’re not looking for hair regrowth, the spray may also help with overall hair health, volume, and texture. “After using this product, I can see a lot of new growth at my temples as well as in length,” explained another reviewer. “The product leaves my hair soft and silky with improved shine.”

If you’re questioning how much a spray made of fermented rice water could actually do, you’re not alone. One reviewer admitted they were “skeptical” but still gave it a try—and have been pleased with the results: “Since I started using it, I have been seeing hair growth. My hair feels fuller in the areas I have been applying it.” 

Maybe it’s finally time to kiss those annoying postpartum baby hairs goodbye.

To buy: ProBliva Rice Water Spray $19.99; 

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