Your Growing Baby Bump: Month by Month

By the end of your pregnancy, your baby will be the size of a watermelon. See how your little one's growth affects your bump during each month of gestation.

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Month 1

Growing Baby Bump Month 1

You might be convinced that you've already gone up three dress sizes or that your jeans no longer fit. But if that's the case, it's more likely because of last night's celebratory pizza party, not due to your baby-to-be, who's too small to make even a mini-bump yet!

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Month 2

Growing Baby Bump Month 2

You're probably still not showing. You may have even lost weight if you're experiencing morning sickness or severe sensitivity to the foods you usually munch on. Wear all your favorite outfits now—they're going to be out of rotation soon!

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Month 3

Growing Baby Bump Month 3

Wait, look! Around this time you'll probably start noticing a tiny little bit of a bump. If you're still not ready to spread your awesome baby news, you can keep that little one hidden in a cute wrap dress or under a swingy tank.

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Month 4

Growing Baby Bump Month 4

Hey there, Mama! Even if you're keeping baby weight to a minimum, it's likely that your jeans just aren't staying zipped the way they used to! Give yourself a little wiggle room by looping a hair elastic through the button-hole and attaching both ends to the button!

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Month 5

Growing Baby Bump Month 5

You're half way there! Be sure to grab some stretch mark prevention cream, and rub it on that bump every night. There's no scientific proof that it works, but plenty of women swear by it—and it feels good to pamper yourself no matter what the result!

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Month 6

Growing Baby Bump Month 6

"What the heck is that dark line crossing your baby bump?" you ask? The Linea Nigra is caused by hormone shifts that have likely made your areole darker and caused other skin darkening. Want it to go away faster? Wear sunblock and stay out of the sun!

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Month 7

Growing Baby Bump Month 7

If you haven't already done it, get yourself a supportive belly band. That rubber band trick is almost certainly not working anymore, and your growing bump could use a bit more space. Bonus? Belly bands are useful after giving birth when your tummy's shrinking!

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Month 8

Growing Baby Bump Month 8

No matter your body type, or whether you're carrying high or low, you're most likely pretty big by now. Avoid the shapeless look (and show off your awesome baby bump!) with a chic above-the-bump belt. You've earned a trip to the mall!

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Month 9

Growing Baby Bump Month 9

Your bump is going to be shrinking any day now, so revel in it while you can. Of course your stomach won't go back to pre-pregnancy size right away, don't rush to box up your maternity clothes. You may still need them for another month or so after baby's born!

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