Should I be concerned if I am 25 weeks and haven't really felt my son moving yet?

Q: The ultrasounds were normal and his heartbeat is very strong.

A: Fetal movement is something that is usually felt by first time moms sometime between 18 and 22 weeks. For those of you doing the pregnancy thing for a second or third time, movement is usually felt earlier because you know what to look for. Fetal movements are light at first, with most women feeling "flicks" or "little bubbles" and, the movement are random. Its because of this that most docs don't even have women doing fetal kick counts (keeping track of fetal movements) before 26 weeks. Additionally, some women don't start feeling fetal movement until a little later because of the position of the placenta. When a placenta is anterior, or implanted on the side of the uterus closest to the belly (versus the back), it can act like a cushion and may not allow a woman to feel fetal movement until the baby gets a little bigger. Women who are larger and have more abdominal fat to begin with, may also not feel fetal movement until later. If all other testing has been normal, there is no need to worry about not feeling fetal movement at 25 weeks, although this is a great topic to discuss with your practitioner.

Answered by Dr. Michele Hakakha

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